Welcome to Rocky Point Rules – FunkaliciousBeachball.com

Greetings to all beach volleyball lovers! Before you hit the sands at Rocky Point, let’s go through some key rules and guidelines to ensure everyone has a blast and stays safe. Here’s everything you need to know whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to sharpen your skills.

Team formation

1. Team Formation:

  • Each team should have 4 players with substitutions allowed between games.
  • It’s required to have at least one member of each gender on the court throughout the game.
Gear and Court Setup

2. Gear and Court Setup:

  • The beach volleyball will be supplied at the venue.
  • Net heights are set at 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women.
  • Our courts measure 16 meters by 8 meters, surrounded by a 6-meter safety zone to prevent any accidents.
Game Format

3. Game Format:

  • We play matches in a best-of-three format.
  • The first two sets go up to 21 points, and if needed, a decisive third set goes to 15 points.
  • Remember, a two-point lead is needed to clinch a set, with point caps at 25 for the initial sets and 17 for the final set.
Serving Rules

4. Serving Rules:

  • Ensure to serve from behind the backline of the court.
  • Rotate your serving order and positions following each point earned by the opponents.
  • Serving twice in a row is generally not allowed unless there was an interruption due to a player swap.
Handling the Ball

5. Handling the Ball:

  • The ball may touch any part of the body, but must be hit cleanly without any holding or throwing.
  • While double contacts are permitted on a team’s first touch (like from a serve or attack), all subsequent touches must be clean.
How Scoring Works

6. How Scoring Works:

  • Rally scoring is in effect; points can be scored whether you’re serving or receiving.
  • Balls that touch the boundary lines are in play.
  • Any faults lead to a point for the opposing team.
Conduct on the Court

7. Conduct on the Court:

  • Maintaining respect for other players, officials, and spectators is essential. Poor sportsmanship can lead to penalties.
  • Team captains are tasked with managing their team’s behavior and communicating effectively with referees and event staff.
Safety First

8. Safety First:

  • We recommend sunglasses and sunscreen to combat the sun’s rays.
  • Although we groom the sand daily, keep an eye out for and report any potential hazards.
Inclement Weather Protocol

9. Inclement Weather Protocol:

  • Volleyball is weather-dependent. Games may be delayed or rescheduled if the weather turns poor.
  • The safety of our players and spectators is paramount.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Rocky Point for some unforgettable beach volleyball action. Stay hydrated, protect yourself from the sun, and above all else, enjoy every minute! Should you have any questions or need more details, feel free to reach out to the event organizers at [email protected].