Olympic Games 2020 – Medalists for August 5

Olympic Games 2020

Event: Men’s 10 km Open Water Swimming

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Men’s 10 km open water swimming competition captured global attention. Here are the athletes who stood out and secured medals on August 5, 2020:

  • Gold Medalist: Florian Wellbrock of Germany dominated the race with excellent stamina and technique, earning the gold medal.
  • Silver Medalist: Kristóf Rasovszky from Hungary showcased his strength and clinched the silver.
  • Bronze Medalist: Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy performed impressively, securing the bronze medal with his determined efforts.

Olympic Games 2020. All medals August 5.

Swimming. Men. 10 km, open water

  1. Florian Wellbrock (Germany)
  2. Krzysztof Rasowski (Hungary)
  3. Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy).
    Athletics. Men. Triple jump
  4. Pedro Pichardo (Portugal).
  5. Zhu Yaming (China)
  6. South-Fabrice Zango (Burkina Faso)
    Athletics. Men. Nucleus
  7. Ryan Krauser (USA)
  8. Joe Kovacs (USA)
    Thomas Walsh (New Zealand)
    Canoe Sprint. Men. Single Kayak, 200m
  9. Sandor Totka (Hungary)
  10. Manfredi Rizza (Italy)
    Liam Heath (Great Britain) 3.
    Athletics. Men. 110 m hurdles
  11. Hainsley Parchment (Jamaica)
  12. Grant Holloway (USA)
  13. Ronald Levy (Jamaica)
    Canoeing. Women. Single canoe 200m
  14. Nevin Harrison (USA)
  15. Laurence Vincent-Lapointe (Canada).
    Ludmila Luzan (Ukraine).
    Canoe sprint. Women. Single Kayak 500m
  16. Lisa Carrington (New Zealand)
  17. Tamara Cipes (Hungary)
    Emma Jorgensen (Denmark) 3.
    Canoe Sprint. Men. Canoe Sprint 1,000m
  18. Germany
    Czech Republic

Olympic Games 2022 – Update on Medalists

Event: Men’s 10 km Open Water Swimming

The 2022 World Aquatics Championships also featured the men’s 10 km open water event, serving as a precursor to the Olympic Games format. The top performers were:

  • Gold Medalist: Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy)
  • Silver Medalist: Domenico Acerenza (Italy)
  • Bronze Medalist: Florian Wellbrock (Germany)

Upcoming Olympic Games

The next Summer Olympic Games are set to be held in Paris, France, from July 26 to August 11, 2024. Paris will host the Olympics for the third time, the previous occasions being in 1900 and 1924. The city plans to showcase its historical and cultural landmarks, with many events scheduled at iconic locations, including an innovative opening ceremony on the River Seine. Paris is committed to delivering a sustainable and technologically advanced Olympic experience, aiming to create lasting memories for athletes, spectators, and the global audience.